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Structured Water - The Single Most Important Element for Your Health

It is extremely important that we drink coherent hexagonal structured water to properly hydrate the body and flush toxins while delivering proper nutrition and information to the cells.  Our cells must have the energy to convert all water into hexagonal structure in order to be absorbed; water must have the correct geometry to penetrate the cell. An energy depleted body cannot convert water optimally, leading to dehydration and potential disease. With this water you can give your body the support it needs!

When consumed as directed, Structured Water has been shown to be beneficial in restoring balance, vitality, and harmony to biological life. This is accomplished by rapid cellular absorption carrying the frequency information into the bio-quantum matrix of the body.
Restructured water molecules realign perfectly into tight clusters, making, in effect, water that is denser. It is "wetter" water, for greater and more effective hydration. This is crucial for a majority of people, who tend to be chronically dehydrated. Even mild dehydration slows metabolism, causes fatigue, reduces short-term memory, and increases existing health challenges. Drinking the right water is much more important that drinking more water.
When water is structured, it delivers more life-giving oxygen and hydrogen (hydration) to each cell. It also electromagnetically restructures particulates such as toxins and metabolic waste, neutralizing the body's ability to absorb them. This process also neutralizes the particulate information carried by the water, thereby erasing the water's memory.
Furthermore, drinking is only one of the ways that we consume water. For every shower we take, up to seven cups of water can be absorbed through our skin, the body's most visible organ.
Additional personal benefits:
water structure units Essential nutrients become more bioavailable to humans, animals and plants with an increase in oxygen and hydration
water structure units It neutralizes harmful bacteria, pollutants and toxins
water structure units Less soap or detergent is needed when washing hair or laundry
water structure units It removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits to produce spotless dishes and car washes
water structure units It prevents and removes corrosion, increasing the life span of pipes, hot water heaters, dishwashers, swamp coolers, ice makers, and other appliances
water structure units It improves aerobic bacterial activity in all septic and sewage systems with the addition of oxygen
water structure units It removes the need for periodically acid-washing a swimming pool

Agricultural Benefits
Biophotonic (light) energy is increased more than 80% in the restructuring process, a claim we can now prove photographically. This is the energy level of the living water that participated in the evolution of all life forms on the planet.
Some of its many agricultural benefits:
water structure units Crops use 30% to 50% less water due to increased hydration, while the biomass of all crops increases 27% to 40%
water structure units The nutrient content of seed crops and produce increases as much as 500% to 1200%, with appropriate fertilization
water structure units Seed germination time is decreased and pesticide usage is reduced
water structure units Shelf life of agricultural produce and cut flowers increases
water structure units Livestock reduces water consumption consistently as hydration improves
water structure units Livestock and poultry maintain greater health and the use of antibiotics and steroids is virtually eliminated
water structure units The use of restructured water has proven to be of enormous benefit to commercial enterprises: 
Hydroponics - Landscaping - Commercial nurseries - Golf course maintenance

Like to learn more? Click here to watch an informative video on the Biophotonic Water Systems.


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